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Stars Tech providing Systems Integration and Enterprise Management Solutions, whose product and service offerings include telecommunications, network & information technology services provided to the Federal, State, Local Government, Military and Private sectors. We support the client's architectural needs by designing and implementing state-of-the-art technology solutions and personnel to provide ongoing support.

PBX System

Business phone systems no longer serve as a tool for simply making and receiving calls. Today's unified communications systems allow employees to communicate by phone, video, and text, which is giving businesses the flexibility to connect with customers and clients in any way they prefer.

The users of the PBX phone system can communicate internally (within their company) and externally (with the outside world), using different communication channels like Voice over IP, ISDN or analog. A PBX also allows you to have more phones than physical phone lines (PTSN) and allows free calls between users. Additionally, it provides features like transfer calls, voicemail, call recording, interactive voice menus (IVRs) and call queues.

Stars Tech system solutions deliver so much more today than just a dial tone. Today, a small office phone system is increasingly part of a network-Internet Protocol (IP) network that seamlessly ties together data, voice, video conferencing, wireless, instant messaging, and other business-critical communications tools and applications.

IP Business Telephone System makes a basic as well as a sophisticated Business communication more affordable, whether it is a small business or large company. Where the advantages of traditional telecommunications come to a head with the convergence of IP technology, what you get is an IP PBX System. There aren't very many telephone systems out there that do as good a job of leveraging the advantages of traditional telecommunications and also embracing modern IP technology with a view to providing the best Communication Solutions when it comes to business Telephone System.

Nurse-call System

is a nursing communication and management system using IP technology that can be used for both wired and wireless connections. The features of this system make it ideal for use in hospitals, homes, supervised apartments and day centres.

It is communication system for intelligent ward administration featuring emergency switch, presence switch, shower booth and bathroom switches, as well as corridor lamp guiding to patient room at emergency situations.

The room post controls the pushbuttons, lights, and sensors in a room; it sends alarms and establishes communication with the nursing staff. It is a versatile and flexible element that allows for future adaptations and extensions.
The system is equipped with a wide range of devices fulfilling many functionalities and adaptable to the characteristics of each centre.

School Intercom System

A powerful 2-way intercom system that includes a desktop intercom base station. Located at a central location, the system operator has the ability to initiate/answer intercom calls to/from multiple wall-mounted intercom stations across the school. With a push of a button, intercom stations can initiate a call to the main office base station, making two-way voice communication a simple task at every location. This intercom system can be enhanced by adding PA speakers for school-wide messaging and emergency alerts.

Switch panel type school intercom that is either wall mounted or placed on a desk. 12 to 60 classroom systems with call back function allows the panel to call any classroom individually or all together. The substation placed in each classroom can call the panel by pressing the red button. The intercom can incorporate connections to allow output to a public address speaker system.

This school intercom system can function with multiple indoor/outdoor zones and can communicate with each specific intercom station individually.

- Single link two way communication
- Individual call
- All call
- Easy to operate: Press to talk - release to listen Hands-free reply at substation
- LED Indication for incoming calls
- Timer input
- PCB's are pluggable for easy maintenance
- Desk mount or Wall mount
- Battery backup is available

Beside schools, this intercom is also ideal for use at nursery, institute, nursing homes, old age homes and retirement villages.

Paging System

The paging system is a communication system based on communication technology that communicates with the public through speakers. Through the system, you can quickly and accurately publish announcements and notifications to multiple areas. The system permits for unidirectional communication to an outsized audience.
We provide different types of paging system, IP version, analog version, etc. We can customize system according to different application scenarios, such as campus, industry, Bank, Restaurant, hospital, etc.

Paging systems is accustomed send a spread of messages. the foremost common example of a paging system is fast communication between staff in an exceedingly retail setting. A emporium cashier will request help from another department to answer a client question. When the production workshop needs other departments to make the page.
One of the most important USES of paging is to give correct instructions to staff in emergency situations.We provide the paging system for colleges and universities, we provide different types of loudspeakers, paging instruments and speakers, amplifiers, microphones, mixers and so on for convenient use in different scenes. Our voip paging system also provides capabilities to provide emergency paging systems.

Waiter Paging for restaurants.

Direct communication to waiters from the kitchen
Direct communication between waiters and chefs ensure orders go out quicker, tables turn faster and the running of the restaurant can be controlled. With a waiter paging solution, this communication issue is solved. The chef can alert a waiter via a transmitter that the food order for a particular table is ready and waiting to be collected. The waiter receives the alert on their personal pager either through a vibrate, flash or beep tone. This eliminates raised voices from the kitchen sustaining a peaceful eating environment.

With the waiter now able to be alerted to waiting orders, it eliminates the need to run back and forth from the kitchen pass, leaving them more time to upsell drinks and maintain high levels of customer service. The guest experience is heightened leading to repeat visits, and in turn the return on investment is clearly calculable. With the digital renumbering feature, pagers are easily programmable from the charging station.

Customer Paging for restaurants.

Introducing the invisible queue
Introduce your customers to the invisible queue. With customer paging solutions you give the customer the freedom to wait where they wish before their table is ready. This reduces congestion at arrival, leaves guests free to use the facilities, and there is no need for loud announcements. The pager the customer receives on arrival will alert them via tone, flash or vibrate, whatever you think is right for your venue.

What's most impressive about this solution is the return on investment. Customer paging helps turn tables faster by speeding up the seating process. Moreover, it reduces walkaways as customers feel assured that their place in the queue is secure. Staff are then free to upsell drinks at the bar while they wait encouraging higher spend. The majority of venues find the solutions pay for themselves within the first month of operation. With a variety of styles and products, CST can find the perfect customer paging solution for you and your budget.

Smart Door Peephole Viewer

Are you still worried about the situation outside the door when you stay at home? Are you still worried that criminals will endanger your life? Are you looking for a protective product that can help you solve your security problems? Today, all your concerns are for us to solve for you. Our products can help you find out everything outside the door. Any behavior that infringes on your life will be exposed to your eyes. You will not regret for choosing us.

Simple doorholes may allow people outside to see inside. A fisheye lens offers little visibility from the outside, but that can be defeated using a doorhole reverser. Digital doorholes have a camera outside and an LCD screen inside, without any information going from the inside to the outside.

It is a motion-activated camera, and brilliant HD video that you can access through your smartphone wherever you are.

Gate View system

Gate View system provides safer environment and more convenient living by means of access control and unmanned security system, which has been developed such that optimized to small multi-dwelling units.

Video door phone

Video Phone is basic product family of access control system. It is considered as one of most extraordinary products in terms of quality, design, and economy in global market, as well as in domestic market.

Door interphone

Automatic opening/closing function. Doorphone is standard product line that provides a better audio quality along with its refined design.

Wireless door interphone

It is device delivering communication quality of HD VOICE and door opening functions by means of voice communication technology, applied to wireless communication, and is wireless door phone used at general houses and offices without cabling work.

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