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Security is imperative for any business. After all, how can you be profitable if you can't protect your assets? Video surveillance systems are more intelligent and effective than ever. Cameras now offer computer-like functions and features, like motion sensors and automatic mobile notifications.

Stars Tech intelligent video surveillance solution provides assessment capabilities and improves situational awareness at each layer of the integrated security system. This comprehensive surveillance solution helps identify potential threats throughout a facility, including risky areas, as well as the perimeter and beyond.

Our team can advise on the best and most cost-effective solutions on the market for IP cameras, network switching, video storage and video management software.

Security Camera System: Outdoor-Indoor

Video Surveillance or CCTV are used to observe an area, connected to a recording device or IP Network and monitored in a Control Room. Video surveillance technologies are used for far more than their roots in crime detection, with video analytics solutions able to serve a variety of applications such as traffic and crowd control management.

Stars Tech provides an end-to-end security solution for the following industries:
Home - Retail - Public Transportation - City Surveillance - Logistics - Education - Commercial - Stadiums - Government - Law Enforcement

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Security saving tips

  • You are a target to intruders
  • Keep system up-to-date
  • Place CCTV cameras to monitor hidden entry points
  • Protect or hide your cables
  • Connect Securely
  • Back up your data
  • Fast Callback and response
  • Dedicate Help center
  • Professional diagnose
  • Delivery on time