Access Control System

Intelligent security solution.

Access Control System

When we talk about a physical access system, we're usually referring to an electronic security system. They typically use an identifier such as an access card, tags, fingerprint, etc. to authorise people to enter certain areas. And, as they're capable of logging who accessed where and when, they can provide valuable data to help you track how your ownership and sites are being used.

By using an electronic access control system, you can avoid the downsides of using mechanical keys and also gain much more control.


The areas or organizations which require high security use different types of access control systems like bio metric, RFID, door controllers and card readers etc. Each access point may be controlled individually as per the requirement of company or organizations where high security is necessary.


You may want to know what door locks you have on your front & back doors, our guide will help you find out what type of door locks you have fitted in your home. When getting house insurance most comparison sites or providers will ask what type of door locks are on your front door & all external doors.


If you are looking for access-controlled residential security gate systems, we can offer you different kinds of automatic gate systems. we also offer gate system design, build, and maintenance upon your request. These are available for your residential, commercial, multi-family and industrial projects.

Turnstile and Bollard

As with all our products, our bollards and turnstiles are available in a wide range of designs and specifications to suit different requirements and can be either manually or electrically operated.
particularly used widely to protect security areas from vehicle intrusion. Solves any transit and/or parking control problems without the need of an electric power supply. It is an ideal solution for both frequent and limited access areas. The solid body can stop the vehicle with high tonnage and high speed easily.


We offer a wide range of integrated electronic access control solutions from access control systems, door controllers and card readers, biometric systems, servers, proximity cards, and access control software. We offer browser-based access control software which combines powerful features and ease-of-use to easily manage single-door to enterprise-wide access control installations.

All modern organizations need to protect their physical and IP assets along with ensuring the safety of their employees by controlling movement of people with pre-defined rules. It has been specifically designed to meet the access control needs of any organization, irrespective of its size, layout, locations and timings.

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