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Importance of Smart Hotel Solution

The concept of smart hotel room solutions is increasing in importance. This is largely because of the improvements it offers to the customer experience. To offer a few examples, smart hotel solutions allow a guest to adjust the heating, cooling and lighting in a room to create their own ideal surroundings - all without needing to tweak and adjust every individual device by hand.

A smart hotel room could offer similarly-equipped devices for entertainment, such as a TV or stereo system with voice command control. It could also provide options such as ordering room service via an app or other interface, avoiding the need to interact with staff. Improvements like these make the guest's stay more comfortable and convenient. This in turn leads to better perception and a more memorable visit, increasing the likelihood that the guest will return or use a hotel in the same chain for future stays.

Hotel Door Locks

Best types of electronic door locks for hotel rooms and apartments are RF card hotel lock, Mifare card hotel locks, IC and Bluetooth Smart Lock. All kinds of door locks for hotel rooms are also used widely in the hotels, apartments and rental houses. But many people don't know how to choose the suitable right locks for hotel rooms or apartments and don't know how to manage all locks Effectively.

Hotel Power Saving

This solution enables optimizing the energy consumption in the hotel rooms and helps the room management. It avoids the unnecessary energy expense when the room is unoccupied (i.e: when the air conditioning is on when the room is empty). It only works with the installation valid keycard. After removing the keycard from the energy saver, there is a timeout before switching energy off. Temperature automatic setting is possible.

Hotel Management

Finding the right software to run operations such as automated check-ins and concierge services is a big key to hotel efficiency. Luckily, many tools create seamless data sharing between machines and people, and open up a lot of opportunities when it comes to managing your business.

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Security saving tips

  • You are a target to intruders
  • Keep system up-to-date
  • Place CCTV cameras to monitor hidden entry points
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