Road Safety

Traffic Management System

Road Safety

Road safety is a major concern all over the world. Every year, across the globe, thousands of lives are lost in road accidents. Ever growing traffic on the roads requires an operational traffic management system, which can only materialize if backed by effective traffic control devices.

Stars Tech expert in road project solutions, is led by a team who have wide of experience in the road safety equipment field. Our specialized team can help you with the - risk assessment, product selection, cost benefit analysis, product customization and much more. We aim to ensure the safety of our valued customers by offering them the suitable protective solutions.

we can supply full range of road safety products and provide full technical support for road construction and safety project. Our products and services go beyond business relationship with our clients, we partner to provide and deliver all kinds of safety products with the commitment to making every road a lot safer for everyone.

Road Safety Products

We help in plugging this gap by offering a comprehensive range of traffic management solutions, products, and services that are extremely beneficial, reliable, affordable, easily install able, and efficient.

Rubber products such as speed bumps, cable protectors, wheel stoppers, wheel chocks, corner guard, rubber traffic cones and etc.

Plastic products such as traffic cones, delineator post, convex mirror, plastic chain, plastic safety barriers, plastic road barriers, plastic road studs, plastic speed bumps and etc.

Electric products such as solar road studs, solar arrow board trailer, warning light, automatic parking lock, LED traffic baton, solar traffic signs and etc.

Other road safety products such as traffic signs, reflective films, parking locks, wheel clamps, warning tapes, reflective safety clothes and etc.

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